Whisper In The Dark

Her feet they danced naked there
Bare feet
where the light hits them
it sparkled
never resting
she kept with the beat
later in the room
her voice
her laugh
it chimed
it tinkled
as her eyes sparkled at mine
never before had I seen such beauty as this
then she rolled on the floor in a fit of laughter
at this
for she knew the facts
she knew the numbers
she knew what it meant to her
she was one for finding humor in irony
and to her irony abounds
she always got the joke
long before I
her softness
her steel calm
her exterior armor
I knew that day
many years later
when I walked in the room
and every atom I breathed
felt like her pain
I knew before she spoke the words
her heart had splattered into a million pieces
all over the floor

Copyright Kat Lyons
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