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Stereotypes are cruel, and ruin lives. Why do so many people hate each other? Everyone has a soul, and a heart beating inside their chest. Everyone lives only one life. To spend it encumbered by others beliefs, can eat away inside, always concerned how this will come across or that. To be limited in one’s choices simply due to others not comprehending the true self behind the face, position, size, job status, income relatively, or what not. It all is so stifling, crushing, insinuating, and based on lies and deceit. Deceit of those who see without seeing, who lie to their very soul about who it is that they are looking at. Based in fear, or mistrust, ego, vanity, or the like, it all leads to distortion, never seeing what their attitude has done to another, or who that other really is inside. 

There are so many stereotypes, that one may find the need to build a life around half truths, just to get by. Yet they can’t speak their very soul, for fear of saying something, that might be taken in such a way, that it could misconstrue their very being, and put them in jeopardy of being misunderstood. 

We are not our jobs; or one mistake or two, or three or four for that matter, if it is corrected, if one has changed. We are not what we look like, or what we wear, what we drive, where we live, the color of our skin, how much money we make, or any of this other nonsense that is the basis upon so many other assumptions. Don’t put people in a box, or yourself for that matter either. We are what is inside. 

Not everyone is given the same opportunities. And that’s okay. Count yourself lucky if you were born on the right side of the tracks. But do not look down on those less fortunate. For you do not know what it takes to claw your way up out of that black hole. 

Fat people are not always fat because they are gluttons. Sometimes it is an illness, or an injury, or lack of knowledge in time. 

Beautiful ladies are lovely, not necessarily dumb, or lucky for that matter. Maybe they worked hard to look that way. You never know. It could be an accomplishment.

Several actresses got their start in a strip bar. They are the same person now that they were then. But who’s worshipping them now, everyone.

Gay people are born that way. This world is so full of hate. Imagine having feelings that you didn’t ask for and you can not change. What one decides to do or not do about it is their business. It wasn’t a choice for them. They are different. Imagine if you were different than you presently are. Imagine if you were inside a body that looked and felt differently than you. Would this be your fault? Of course not. And if you could choose, why would anyone choose a life where so many would hate them for what they are? They wouldn’t, and that’s the point. They did not choose to be that way. It was thrust upon them, a gift for being born. 

And race, where do I begin? Prejudice is color blind. It does not matter what color your skin is or where you came from, prejudice is free for all to find, be or experience. But why? Why? There are bad people of every color. It has nothing to do with race. It’s only on the inside that is the truth of it all. A book can not be judged by it’s cover.

And the propaganda, people eating it up, consuming it like candy. Please don’t feed the machine. Not until it decides to play fair and square. When someone makes money off of belittling someone else, this is not a game to be watched, it’s hypocrisy, America land of the free.

It’s all about the heart and looking past all of that. You say it’s not me? Well maybe not. But it’s all around, as far as the eye can see. All of the jokes, the laughter, the comments everywhere….It’s sad. It’s such a sad thing to see. And it’s frightening me. 

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