The Train

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We were young and foolish. We had are sights set on the horizon. Smoking and drinking, telling a tale or two. We’d talk until the wee hours of the morning, kicking up the dust outside the cabin down by the railroad tracks. Looking up at the stars, we’d revel in the night. Sharing our dreams and aspirations, laughing and joking, we’d wittle ourselves into each other’s hearts. The fun we had. Making history in our lives with each other, we smiled. Driving down inbetween the corn stalks on the old country road, there couldn’t have been a better spot. We walked down that road time and time again looking over the horizon. Dreaming of tomorrow and living our dream, youthful bodies, full of luster and energy galore. I danced until twilight under the stars. Taking a full drink of the breadth of our friendships entertwined. Walking by the canal, and down the dirt road, we found each other. All of us, making a name for each other, with our own lips, our own hips, the way we dressed in our smug levis, and the way we talked with such passion for life. It seemed like tomorrow was the best yet to come. We didn’t know yet to value every moment, nor how to see the beauty in our comaraderie, how lucky we were!

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