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When the music finds her, she dreams, let’s her heart sing. Each little step, is encouragement that she can do better. So many traits that are hard to describe, leave her experiencing common every day things in a vastly different way then the rest of society. Little triumphs, she can not share. For it would be perceived as strange. But for her, she knows what this means. She is reaching things that can not be said, for they don’t fit in a box. Her whole life is about to change. But she can’t say why. She is about to get to live a better way, a way that really matters. And the papers are sky high. A little of this and a little of that, a change here and a change there, make her heart sing with joy. 

But banter from the negative people, find her even where she thinks she can get away. For they are everywhere, naysayers, people who like to judge, who can not see with their hearts but only with their eyes, and not even that, for they misperceive. But she has to realize that those ugly souls are everywhere, and go about her day. For she is making progress. In every bit of her past there always was a way for them to get her down, no matter where she lived or what was happening, for them to demean her. Strange, how some see the positive and some see the negative. 

What is this about perception? Part of it is the person who sees’, very own mirror, staring back at them. This happened to her once. She misjudged, recently. Once she was aware of it, she at first thought the other person should do something about themselves to make such an assumption not occur. But then she realized, no it was her. She had seen through the wrong eyes. For what she had seen was not at all who was standing there. And so instead she was ashamed. For she knew she was wrong. But so many do this every day, as a regular occurance, for entertainment, for justification of themselves and each other. She wonders, what would happen if they could see that which they do not see. If they could take off the glasses of superficiality and see people for who they really are, it might rock their world. 

And so she plots carefully. Each new day brings another step that she wishes she could share, because it is bringing her there. But few can see what it is that she would want to tell them. 

She is working on steps of a plan, for something she’s building so high. And every little step makes her heart jump for joy. The world just got a little brighter. It made her day, her month, and hopefully her year, the secrets we keep, that make everything worthwhile. 

But meanwhile there are things that have to get done, and challenges to overcome, to complete what she’s started. Funny how the nerves take over, when it’s about something that really matters. Just breath. 

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